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Sea Mentors

Tytuł projektu: Sea Mentors – Eksperymentaana baza wiedzy dla marynarzy tworzona przez mentorów

Czas trwania projektu: 01.02.2022. – 01.02.2024.
Identyfikator projektu: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000029622
Dotacja EU: 184,810 EUR
Kierownik projektu:  col. dr. Cătălin Popa Romanian Naval Academy
Kierownik zespołu AMW: kmdr. por dr inż. Artur Bogdanowicz

Project: Sea Mentors – Seafarers Experiential Knowledge Based MENTORS – joint international project implemented under ERASMUS+ KA226 by:

  • Romanian Naval Academy – coordinator;
  • Polih Naval Academy – partner;
  • Lithuanian Maritime Academy – partner;
  • Bulgarian Naval Academy – partner;
  • Maritime Innovators – partner;
  • Spinaker Doo – partners.



  • Result 1 – IO 1 SEA MENTOR Training Platform

             This output will be led by MBNA with support from MARITIME INNOVATORS and all partners. SEA MENTORS online Training Platform will be designed for seafarers so that they will be able to enhance their experiential knowledge and progress in their career further. The Training platform will make reference to informal/experience based knowledge that are to be compatible with, and complementary to, formal learning attained through their college and at University. The platform will refer to a common framework that learners have gone through in their training, based on the real experience so as to achieve specific competences. The platform that will be developed will integrate examples of Mentors past experiences as well as Mentees. These experiential knowledge databank will be transformed and adapted making references to actual rules and regulations set by the administrations. It is expected that by applying these Training platform will be used by mariners of all ranks can upgrade their skills and be proactive while performing their tasks and making a decisions throughout their personal development. Major tasks and results:

Task 1.1 – Questionnaire for Experiential Knowledge Identification: A research questionnaire will be developed compiling the questions to the seafarers to identify the best practices in passing the experiential knowledge from one to another in a systematic way.
Task 1.2. Platform specifications and methodology: Specifications and a methodology both functional and technical will be discussed, agreed and documented prior development of the tool presenting experiential based knowledge gathered through Mentors.
Task 1.3. Content development: It will be based on the „experiential knowledge” collected through consultation from the potential mentors.
Task 1.4. Programming of online platform: A technological solution that will allow online access to web-based platform using an advanced learning platform.

  • Result 2 – IO2 SEA MENTOR Guidance Tool

This IO offering technological solution will allow online access to the advanced Online „Experiential Knowledge” Guidance tool. The tool will be designed to provide new users new skills and knowledge acquired from (O1) Sea Mentors Online Platform. The tool will have the the capability to store, retrieve, manipulate and present meaningful information extracted from experiential knowledge. This data will be provided by the analytical activities in this intellectual output. Main product of the intellectual output will be an on line tool to be used by seafarers in various disciplines interested in principle to learn experiential knowledge that will be presented by the Mentors available in the platform so that lessons can be learned from past experiences. It will be used by juniors (mentees) interested in progressing to further ranks such as captain/engineers (mentors)etc which will help them enhance their competence via learning from others and create better opportunities to work in their desired organisation/company. VET institutions will also be given access to develop a customised areas for their lecturers and students who are undertaking their courses. The tool, having mapped the experiential knowledge of Mentors, will provide a platform for juniors various support in various subjects such as giving them a choice of additional career paths, including entrepreneurship, that better suit their personal profile. This guidance tool may be used at all levels and open to captains additional pathways for transition to work. The tools` methodology will include a variety of randomly offered „experiential knowledge databank” for users to access. This facility will take in to consideration the scenario where the user will be able to choose area to enhance his experiential knowledge. Tasks to be carried out and results to be obtained:

Task 2.1. Specifications and methodology discussed and agreed between partners that will subsequently formulate „experiential knowledge” database for the tool.
Task 2.2. On-line tool development in standardised forms with various sections concerning a particular level of depth in knowledge, skills and understanding for a given level of seniority, and given job functions.
Task 2.3. Programming the tool The partners will together agree the parameters of this tool, which include easy access and reliability.
Task 2.4. Design User Interface.
Task 2.5. Testing and finalising the online web based applications.